You no longer have to worry about the dosage. Canderel® Original Sticks have already taken care of you. Each sachet corresponds exactly to a teaspoon of sugar, without "weighing" you with the corresponding calories.
Like Canderel® Original Powder, Canderel® Original Sticks can be added to beverages, various recipes, but also to sprinkle your cereals or fruit, providing the same sweet taste offered by the corresponding amount of sugar.
Providing 1 serving per sachet, Canderel® Original Sticks are ideal not only for the home or office, but also to always have, wherever you are, your favorite sweetener in the right dosage.
Canderel® Original Sticks is available in a pack of 100 sticks.
Nutritional Information
Suitable for diabetics as part of a balanced diet and suitable for vegetarians.