Easy to transport, in a safe package that does not drip and always stays clean, Canderel® Stevia Liquid with zero sugar dissolves immediately in hot or cold drinks, while it can also be added to smoothies, sauces, dressing and sweets.
Providing a single serving of the same flavor as sugar but with zero calories, Canderel® Stevia Liquid is the perfect complement to a balanced diet without deprivation.
With zero calories per serving, Canderel® Zero liquid is ideal to use as a replacement for sugar, helping you to follow a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste. Squeeze to taste for your preferred sweetness.
Canderel® Stevia Liquid with zero sugar is available in a 50 ml package, which corresponds to 50 doses.
Nutritional Information
Suitable for diabetics as part of a balanced diet and suitable for vegetarians.